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Needed Change is a seed from which "change" can grow. With the recent tumultuous political and economic situations, many adopted the slogan, "Change we can believe in." But in most instances, we found it only to be a slogan. As time has passed, the hunger for "change" has starved itself out of the picture. Like numerous others, we felt our job was done and we could wait for this so called "change" to show itself.

Personally, we have not been able to find the change and dreams recently promised. Economic stability, careers, doing what we love, and making a difference have eluded us almost completely. From our own experiences in the workforce or with personal business endeavours, we found ourselves in the same boat as many Americans and citizens of other countries, barely afloat.

Instead of wasting one more valuable minute waiting for this so called "change" we have put into place a plan to submerse ourselves in the homeless culture that millions across the world are suffering from. Our goal is not just to document problems like many before us, but to help make the needed change. By doing so, we hope to better understand and address this horrible epidemic.

By becoming one with this forgotten society we will need to learn to survive all over again. From life's basic needs such as food and shelter to handling the mental strain of life on the streets, this will be a test of will and core beliefs.

Kevin Saftner, Galen Sisco, and Drew A. Dayton are taking the first step in creating change. The first step is not words or feelings, but actions. Our journey will take us to the streets of Miami and undoubtedly many more places. With photography, film, and pen we will document our experiences in this whole new world we will be entering. Together we hope to find solutions for the Needed Change.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rescue Earth and Other Super Awesome News, Great Job!

Let's all give Drew a huge round of applause, as of right now he is in the Miami Rescue Mission men's shelter for three days while Kevin and I are working on other aspects of the documentary. What Drew is doing is huge, as he is taking on the identity of a homeless person just arriving into the shelter for the intake program. Drew will be eating, sleeping, waking, and doing all of the activites in the shelter with the rest of the men that go in. Through this, Drew will be writing and documenting everything that happens and making bonds with the others in there. When he gets out on Wednesday  we will be able to interview those who he built relationships with. He's flying solo in there, undercover, without letting our project get him any kind of special treatment. It takes some serious guts to do what he is doing and it is greatly appreciated. If you get the chance, send him a message on facebook to let him know what he is doing is awesome. You can find him on facebook under the name Double-U Drew Dayton. What a guy.

Also today, Kevin and I had a morning meeting with Dean Taha and Finn Hinke of Rescue Earth. What I can't delve into is all of the details of the metting but what I can tell you is that great things are to come through these guys and Rescue Earth. Dean and Finn are totally revamping Rescue Earth in a great way. They are taking on projects that this non-profit has never seen the likes of before. What they are also doing is taking us in with open arms and helping us in anyway they can. We look forward to growing our relationship with them and incorporating what they do into our project as well as helping them out in any way we can whether it be through volunteering, helping them with certain projects, and promoting their cause. Right now they are working on their website and facebook page but please check them out at They are making strides to make Miami and the rest of this country a safer, cleaner, greener, and more efficient place to live as well as getting commuinities involved with the ever-important and growing green initiative. Kevin and I will be meeting with Dean later tonight to work on the ideas that we've already came up with as well as brainstorming more ideas. Like I said, all of us involved our very excited to be working together with them because we have so many like-minded ideas and want to help make this world a better place to live for everyone.

We'd like to thank Marcus Englert for his generous donation of $100 which will be put toward the equipment and resources we need to keep the documentary rolling and to help change perception of the homeless in America.

We want to go out of our way to tell you guys, and are doing so through this documentary, that the homeless are people with ambitions and purpose just like you and I. Most of them are trying their damndest to make a difference, to spread a message, or to help society in general. Yeah, there are those who have been given umpteen million chances to do something and still choose to live an estranged life sometimes riddled with crime but for the most part, that is not the case at all. All most are looking for is a chance, a break, a helping hand...just like we all are. And if we can all just reach out, even if it is in the smallest way possible, America, and the world in general will become a better, cleaner, safer place. We can see it in their eyes and we hope you can see it in ours.

True, there are some messed up circumstances going on right under our noses but if we just take a step back, analyze, brainstorm, and work together, we will make much needed changes for the betterment of society. We are more than happy and proud to say that we are starting to see these changes through all of your actions who are supporting this. Please don't think your work, time, effort, and support will go in vain because it won't. The idea that one person can't make a difference when it comes to this is so far from the truth it's uncanny. You, as one person, lending a hand DOES help and we can't wait to share that with you.

-Galen & Kevin

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