From Concept to Creation

Needed Change is a seed from which "change" can grow. With the recent tumultuous political and economic situations, many adopted the slogan, "Change we can believe in." But in most instances, we found it only to be a slogan. As time has passed, the hunger for "change" has starved itself out of the picture. Like numerous others, we felt our job was done and we could wait for this so called "change" to show itself.

Personally, we have not been able to find the change and dreams recently promised. Economic stability, careers, doing what we love, and making a difference have eluded us almost completely. From our own experiences in the workforce or with personal business endeavours, we found ourselves in the same boat as many Americans and citizens of other countries, barely afloat.

Instead of wasting one more valuable minute waiting for this so called "change" we have put into place a plan to submerse ourselves in the homeless culture that millions across the world are suffering from. Our goal is not just to document problems like many before us, but to help make the needed change. By doing so, we hope to better understand and address this horrible epidemic.

By becoming one with this forgotten society we will need to learn to survive all over again. From life's basic needs such as food and shelter to handling the mental strain of life on the streets, this will be a test of will and core beliefs.

Kevin Saftner, Galen Sisco, and Drew A. Dayton are taking the first step in creating change. The first step is not words or feelings, but actions. Our journey will take us to the streets of Miami and undoubtedly many more places. With photography, film, and pen we will document our experiences in this whole new world we will be entering. Together we hope to find solutions for the Needed Change.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Welcome to Miami

    Hey everyone, we finally made it to Miami after two nights in Ft. Lauderdale. Miami is our focal point of this journey so we are glad to finally be in our nesting area. If your friends still arent following us yet please give them this website and also have them add our Facebook Page called Needed Change and our Twitter account called neededchangedoc.
   As for us, we are doing well, today and tomorrow are huge days for us for many reasons. Today we met a girl named Val from the Miami publication Backslash. We happened to just be crossing paths on the streets of Miami and exchanged contact info. Her and the publication she works for (comparable to the Pittsburgh City Paper) seem excited to hear our story and help us however they can. Again, thanks Val and Backslash.
   Tomorrow, we are all meeting with Marilyn, a woman who runs 8 homeless shelters, one of which that has a film studio. She is more than excited to give us a tour of them, meet the people there, and get us pointed in a good direction. Hopefully, through meeting her, we will learn a ton and be able to get a bevy of great footage.
   Well tonight is our first night in Miami, thanks for following us guys, keep the homeless, us, and all of those involved in your thoughts for we appreciate it!

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